Webinar: RFNBO compliance with EU RED – the case of Chile and Uruguay

Michelle Huizen 03-07-2024


23-07-2024 om 17:00


23-07-2024 om 18:15

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Onlangs verscheen er een rapport over RFNBO-naleving van waterstof en waterstofderivaten in Uruguay en Chili. Het gaat onder andere in op EU-regelgeving (RED II en RED III) en certificering van waterstof derivaten. Kom hier meer over te weten tijdens dit webinar.

About the webinar

Latin America is set to become a renewable hydrogen powerhouse and there are several projects underway in the region that are aiming at producing e-methanol and e-fuels (SAF, e-diesel and e-gasoline) from renewable hydrogen and CO2, for export to The Netherlands and other EU countries.

Such exports will need to meet the criteria set out by the EU in the Renewable Energy Directive (RED II & III) and associated Delegated Regulations in order to count towards the targets set by the EU concerning the use of renewable fuels of non-biological origin (RFNBOs) in the EU’s industry and transport sectors.

As part of its hydrogen collaboration agenda with Chile and Uruguay, The Netherlands Government has commissioned a study about the ways and options for RNFBO project developers in Chile and Uruguay to comply with the EU RED requirements and other relevant sustainability requirements, in particular those applied by H2Global. The study can be found here.

During this webinar, the main findings of the study will be presented to RNFBO project developers as well as public entities supporting or promoting RNFBO production and exports.

After this webinar, you will have a better understanding of the EU’s regulatory framework and compliance market for RFNBOs, as well as minimum requirements that your projects and products must meet in order to access the Dutch and EU market.

Topics covered by the workshop:

  • EU regulations on electricity renewability and CO2 sources and local compliance
  • Monitoring, verification, and certification
  • H2Global's additional sustainability requirements
  • Recommendations for compliance with RFNBO requirements in Chile and Uruguay

While the workshop focuses on the specific cases of Chile and Uruguay, it is also open for stakeholders from other (Latin American) countries interested in producing RNFBO for the EU market.


  • 17:00 to 17:10 - Welcome
    • Carla Robledo, Senior Policy Advisor, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy, The Netherlands
    • María José Gonzalez, Coordinator Green Hydrogen Programme, Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining, Uruguay
    • Ministry of Energy, Chile (TBC)
  • 17:10 to 17:40 - Presentation Study - Key Findings
    • Nuria Hartmann, Manager Strategy Consulting, Hinicio
  • 17:40 to 18:10 - Q&A
    • Moderation: Erik Plaisier, Regional Business Developer, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The Netherlands
  • 18:10 to 18:15 - Closure

Practical information

This webinar is free of charge. Visit the website of Holland House Colombia for more information and to register:

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