Regulating Risks in the Energy Transition: Dealing with Uncertainty

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Amare, The Hague

The Netherlands Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy and the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development are organising a conference on the role of the precautionary principle in the energy transition and on regulating the risks of hydrogen.

The day will be opened by the Dutch Minister for Climate and Energy Policy, Rob Jetten, and other speakers include high-level officials of the OECD and the European Commission. There will also be talks and workshops from senior representatives from government and academia. This event marks the conclusion of the EC DG REFORM funded TSI project “Precaution in the Energy Transition and Improved Knowledge for Hydrogen Risk Regulation.”

The conference will take place in The Hague on the 5th of July 2023 in the brand-new Amare building and aims at presenting and disseminating main findings and recommendations of the OECD Project.

The theme is concerned with important questions for the success of the energy transition. To successfully carry out the energy transition, inevitable risks that come with it need to be appropriately regulated. How should governments deal with questions of uncertainty, risk and precaution in regulating new energy technologies? And how can governments learn from safety incidents without premature or heavy-handed policy responses (risk regulation reflex)? These questions will be discussed from the angles of public governance, academia, stakeholders and civil service. Regulating hydrogen risks will be a thread throughout the day.

The morning will be devoted to presentations and a panel discussion. The afternoon will be filled with workshops on the following topics: hydrogen risk, precaution and uncertainty, tools for local political governance, risk policy principles, and learning from incidents. Each workshop will be given twice to give participants the opportunity to attend multiple.


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