Hydrogen TCP Task 41 Final Workshop

Roosmarijn Stout 10-08-2023 145 keer bekeken


11-09-2023 om 10:00


11-09-2023 om 12:00

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Presentation of the Final Report of Task 41: "Analysis and Modelling of Hydrogen Technologies"

Welcome and overview

  • Welcome from the host: IEA Hydrogen TCP
  • Introduction to the IEA’s Hydrogen TCP
  • Welcome Task overview speakers
  • Overview of the Final Report

Model classification and hydrogen integration

  • Welcome Modelling improvement prospects speakers
  • Taxonomy - Accounting for hydrogen across a diversity of model classes
  • Integrating multiple resolution assessments
  • Modelling diversity Q&A

Hydrogen in ETSAP models

  • Welcome collaboration with ETSAP
  • Comparison of community model inputs
  • Comparison of community model outputs
  • Guidelines for representing hydrogen in energy system models
  • Conclusions
  • ETSAP collaboration Q&A


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