Webinar Hydrogen TCP-Task42 on Underground Hydrogen Storage

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12-10-2023 om 09:00


12-10-2023 om 11:00

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Learn about the latest insights of Underground Hydrogen Storage and join the discussion to assess the critical steps towards deployment

The interest for underground storage of hydrogen (UHS) has grown substantially over the past years. While governments and industries are more and more aware that hydrogen storage must be deployed at large scale in order to support the ambitions for widespread renewable production and end-use of hydrogen, it is also clear that still many hurdles must be taken to sufficiently de-risk the technology and enable responsible deployment.

Beginning of 2022 the global community of experts from academia, industry and research organizations under TCP-Task42 joined forces to investigate the state-of-art and challenges of UHS and provide recommendations for demonstration and deployment. This collaboration resulted in a Technology Monitor Report presented April this year.

With this webinar we want to update you on the main outcomes of the Technology Monitor Report and engage with you in a discussion session to evaluate the most critical needs from the stakeholder perspective. Here we will addressed the geological, technical, economic and societal aspects. With the outcomes we would like to provide guidance to the research, development and governance programmes and gather further inspiration on challenges that can be addressed by the TCP-Task42 community.


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