National Industrial Hydrogen Conference

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De Soester Duinen, Soest

During the National Industrial Hydrogen Conference we will dive deep into the quest how to lift the hydrogen economy off the ground in the Netherlands. The central question we will explore this afternoon is: “What is needed most at this moment in time to make the hydrogen economy a reality?”

About the conference

The conference will bring together stakeholders from the industry, legislators, NGOs and knowledge institutes. What steps are we going to take and how are policymakers and the finance sector going to help materialize the first steps in The Netherlands? High-level speakers, panel debates and plenary sessions will inspire these discussions. Leading organizations will disclose follow-up activities and there will be ample opportunity to connect and network.

For whom?

The event provides relevant insights to a wide range of participants, including: 

  • Industry representatives who are developing hydrogen projects  
  • Manufacturing sector representatives working on green hydrogen technologies 
  • Legislators shaping the green hydrogen & energy policies 
  • Research centers and knowledge institutes active in the field 
  • Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) focused on sustainability 


The price of an Admission Pass for the National Industrial Hydrogen Conference is €395,00. A Combi Ticket gives you access to both the Clean Ammonia Event and the National Hydrogen Conference for €595.

More information

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National Industrial Hydrogen Conference