Hydrogen Online Workshop 2024

Michelle Huizen 06-12-2023


27-03-2024 om 00:00


28-03-2024 om 00:00

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The Hydrogen Online Workshop (HOW) is the world’s largest online hydrogen workshop with 10,000+ hydrogen pioneers, live from 120+ countries. It is a 24 hour nonstop event. The HOW is hosted by Mission Hydrogen, a leading hydrogen online marketing company.

The HOW will help you to…

  • get more customers and the right project partners;
  • find the ideal suppliers and better tools;
  • get funding or investors and;
  • disseminate best practice and turn scientific results into products.

Keynote speakers

An unparalleled lineup of hydrogen leaders have come to share their knowledge. They will present actionable insights, best practices from high-class companies, and innovative ideas from the hydrogen industry.

  • Dr. Laurent Antoni (IPHE (International Partnership for Hydrogen and Fuel Cells in the Economy), Executive Director)

  • Mirela Atanasiu (Clean Hydrogen Partnership, Executive Director a.i. and Head of Unit Operations and Communication)

  • Trevor Brown (Ammonia Energy Association, Executive Director)

  • Ohira Eiji (New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization - Director)


Tickets for HOW are free. Register now on the HOW website.

Recordings and slides

HOW offers the option to purchase the recordings and slides of this event for € 297. Visit the HOW website for more information.

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